What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which are essential for the website to work, the main purpose of which is to improve user experience.

Cookies usually contain a sequence of words and numbers downloaded onto a user’s computer when visiting a certain website. Upon each return visit, the website will obtain data on the downloaded cookie and recognise the user.

In addition to the function of improving user experience, their purpose may differ. Cookies may also be used for analysing user behaviour or recognition. For this reason we distinguish different types of cookies.

Types of cookies used on this website

1. Required cookies

These types of cookies enable the use of necessary components for the correct operation of the website. Without these cookies the services you wish to use on this website would not function properly (e.g. login, purchase process, etc.).

2. Experience cookies

These types of cookies collect data on how users behave on the website with the intention of improving the experience components of the website (e.g. which parts of the website are most visited). These cookies do not collect information through which users could be identified.

3. Functional cookies

These types of cookies enable a website to memorise some of your settings and choices (e.g. user name, language, region) and ensure advance, personalised functions. These types of cookies may track your actions on the website.

List of technologies and cookies used on this website

Cookies management

You decide if you want to use cookies. You may always remove cookies and consequently your recognisability on the internet. You may also set most browsers not to store cookies.